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Recently, Redella sneakers launched a rush in the necessary shopping mall, just on the line for half a month, has sold nearly 100 thousand crazy double. This figure, for a just start more than half a year of cutting-edge electronic business platform, has been overjoyed. Why is a sneaker so hot? necessary mall responsible person, the root cause is that the charm of the product has brought an excellent reputation effect, which can be seen from the user's praise rate and high re purchase rate. the responsible person, only need to cooperate with luxury goods manufacturers, so the product quality can get the maximum degree of protection. Redella sports shoes manufacturers still have a long history, more than 20 years, the manufacturer has been Nike, Bape, Reebok, Adidas, Kappa and many other international brands of sports shoes. The production process and raw materials the sneakers in the industry are first-class. in the process, the sports shoes and is used in the same UA tights manufacturing process, it is called the 4 pin 6 line. 4 pin 6 line is mainly used for sewing pieces of split and connected with a unique high elasticity and high strength joint effect. 4 pin 6 line quality and processing appearance is ordinary needle car can not be compared, so the price is high, the domestic capacity production line is very few. in the raw materials, only imports of Lycra, excellent craft 4 pin 6 line imported soft Nappa leather can be worthy of. Lycra is developed by the American DuPont Co, which has been delighted by people called "magic fiber", which is named "Steefan Kors" by Sphinx in egypt. Its extensibility is 500%, but it can cling to the surface of the h Retro jordans for sale uman body after restoration. Lycra has bi-directional elasticity, which provides great comfort and freedom in two directions of fabric. and such a pair of luxury sports shoes, the necessary mall through its C2M model, inventory, circulation, distribution and other aspects of the cut off, leaving only naked cost - 259 yuan. "this is the shoes popular another important reason for the" necessary mall relevant responsible person, if the quality of luxury goods is also the price of luxury goods, not many people can afford to buy luxury goods, but if the quality and price of civilians, the high quality and low price of natural consumers is full of surprises. (plum shoes editor)Nike LeBron 8112 injection shoes appeared topic;; shoes - shoes [city] proposed by DJ Clark to watch Kent 112 projects following the previously published Nike Trainer SC 2010112 PAck, once again exposed a new 112 note don't work. This special to Nike LeBron 8 for the overall style, with 112 Pack notrepresentative of the black / green fluorescence tone, vamp in black suede collocation crack design details, and in many details in the green fluorescence background, and on the tongue on the back of a 112 Pack representative totem, definitely let all shoes fans Marvel topic for shoes. Only this double Palace class Nike LeBron 8112 note does not have the sale plan, only for DJ Clark Kent between the relatives and friends flow, you still enjoy its stunning figure here! (Universal shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoe net Chen editor)Nike Lunar Blazer sport players new shoes 2013-06-19 11:41:58 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Clos Cheap jordans online e Chinese shoes Network June 19 hearing, the sports brand Nike's common in basketball and skateboarding and other areas of popular shoes Blazer overwhelmed by binding to the 2013 summer Lunarlon technology and innovation, Lunar Blazer finally looking forward to the birth of . This pair of new shoes in addition to the lightweight Lunarlon outsole equipped green shoes with dark gray woven fabric structure, filling collar in addition to create a comfortable wearing feel also provide full protection, but also added black lace embellishment a little taste of outdoor climbing. Related newsNike celebrates the black history month with a series of products. I want to pay tribute to six athletes and coaches who have positive influence on sports with courage and determination. The six athletes and coaches including Surtees Beasley (Theotis Beasley), Kevin - Prince - Boateng (Kevin-Prince Boateng), Jerry Rice (Jerry Rice), Bbu Leonna Rawlins (Brianna Rollins), C Vivian (C. Vivian Stringer) and the launch of John Thompson (John Thompson). , vice president of Nike global basketball category and general manager Jimmy Shijie (Michael Jackson) said: "the movement is an excellent platform to inspire and encourage the society to actively change. Our 2015 black history theme series salutes and praises the great athletes and social leaders, who influence the global culture and paved the way for our next generation. product series The special 2015 BHM series includes a number of single items, all of which are in black and white and are mixed with three different prints. The 2015 BHM series includes: sneakers: . LEBRON 12 BHM . KD 7 BHM . KOBE 9 Elite BHM . KYRIE 1 BHM . A Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ir Jordan XX9 BHM . Air Max 1 Ultra BHM (women's shoes) - Air Max 1 BHM (men's) The 2015 BHM series pays tribute to the following athletes and Sports Leaders: skateboard player Surtees Beasley: Beasley is the ultimate example of skateboarding. He is proud of the development of skateboarding and the quality of skateboarding athletes through active sports. Beasley said, "I focus on maintaining a positive and healthy image. So as a young black professional athlete, my young fans respect me and are inspired by me." football player Kevin Prince Boateng: Boateng objected to the unbearable drawbacks of the field. He encouraged his team to push forward the struggle against racism and take part in it. Boateng said, "we do not want to be ignored and passive. Athletes, musicians and businessmen are responsible for their special duties. We and the society 〉Since began in 2015, Nike has launched a special project to pay tribute to the tradition and heritage of Air Force 1 in China. The project named "NAI KE" has launched three redesigned classic shoes: Nike Air Force 1 High NAI KE, Nike Air Force 1 High NAI KE, off road color matching and Nike Nike 1 1, "zero". Since its entry into the Chinese market in 80s, Nike has rapidly become one of the best nurturing of Chinese sports culture by supporting sporting events, organizing grassroots competitions and sponsorship sports leagues. In the process of growing together with athletes, Chinese consumers recognized Nike's creativity and spirit of innovation. Nike has become the household name of Nike in China. item: 631603-003 release date: March 29th related information:Date: 2015-11-20 fan: the commi Cheap foamposites for sale ssioning editor for hometown loyalty LEBRON 13 Akronite Philosophy LEBRON 13 Akronite Philosophy's vamp, with five different colors, has witnessed James's loyalty and pride to his hometown, Akron, Ohio, and his experience of returning again after Miami. The design of shoe upper is bright blue, orange, yellow, green and purplish red, symbolizing the starry sky, the lake, the hills, the pastoral and the beach. It represents James's growth course. For example, the wheat field symbolizes James's growing up in Akron, and the abstract palm tree is a tribute to his two championships in Miami. Starting on Saturday, November 21st, LEBRON 13 Akronite Philosophy will start selling at designated retail stores in and greater China.Four new color adidas D Howard Light 2 2013-12-08 23:10:15 Recently four new color of the adidas D Howard Light 2 exposure on the network, four new color has a higher appeal, the use of color is more rare , compared with the previous generation, including the integration of the new elements, like friends can look forward to it. wearing LeBron Cavaliers LeBron 6 return 2013-12-08 23:05:31 Two seasons ago, when returned to the Cavaliers LeBron Quicken Loans, the resulting always filled the boos. But with last year's championship, the sound finally subsided a little bit. Just refresh the Rockets 22-game winning streak the Heat away in today's game against Cleveland, LeBron unexpected ground pin a pair of & nbsp; Nike Zoom Lebron 6 play. James once wore the Nike LeBron 6 game or period in Cleveland, and when the season won the MVP, this color happens to Fairfax High School and James of the Miami Heat now match. Finally, LeBron James with 25 cheap foamposites points 12 rebounds and 10 assists in three pairs of data led the Miami Heat completed a 27-point reversal, continue to refresh the second-straight record, it appears that James Knight was brilliant for years still obsessed what. Air Jordan 5 "Extra Grape" personal customization edition enjoy 2013-12-08 23:27:02 Along with grapes and black grapes successive sale Air Jordan 5, the recent "grape" boom continues to heat up. The custom sneakers lovers & nbsp; Ecentrik Artistry official version may feel not enough purple, overwhelmed by his own hands he created a full purple coverage & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 "Extra Grape" personal customized version. I do not know what the views for this grape? Air Jordan 13 Low & quot; Bibby & quot; PE exposed 2015-04-06 12:26:23 As Jordan Brand's former spokesman Michael Air Jordan Low Bibby has been a series of best "loyal", the network recently exposed one pair he had worn off Air Jordan 13 Low, the overall use of black to create the body of the shoe blue midsole and heel portion modification, so the color of shoes does not monotonous, while Bibby Logo is decorated in the tongue, well reflect his personal theme, I wonder if there is no brand get some inspiration, can some of the players into a commercially available PE color army boots in the past, so that more friends can intimate contact therewith. & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] China's aerospace industry the world's attention, China's well-known companies have expressed support for its own through a variety of forms, the internationally renowned sports brand Peak, is the China Aerospace Foundation sportswear industry wi Cheap air jordans for sale ll be granted only a "China's space industry partners." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "China's aerospace industry after several generations of hard work to get rapid development, highlighting the scientific and technological power of the state, for the country to win more right to speak choose Pick, because it is always fighting spirit, seeking. the new change in the industries continue to pursue technological innovation, product expertise, excellence. "In talking about the Olympic and seven-year bond with China's space industry, the China Space Foundation, the case said. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; become attached to aerospace, "CUSHION-3 three cushioning" turned out & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from 2005 and Space "bonds" Pick and Chinese astronauts lived through China's aerospace history glorious pages, the "Shenzhou VI" Flying success, "Chang E One" complete Chinese people their "lunar exploration program", "Shenzhou VII" manned spacecraft astronauts perform a spacewalk ...... today launched the Shenzhou VIII, Peak together again with the China Aerospace Aerospace writing a Chinese myth. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in fact, the Chinese aerospace seven years, recalled precisely Pick off seven years, corporate sales also increased significantly. Olympic chairman Xu Jing Nan said, "This is thanks to the constant pursuit of the Olympic core technology and innovation, and adhere to technological innovation, it is the essence of the spirit of China's space where." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the core of the Olympic basketball shoes CUSHION-3 three cushioning technology, inspiration is derived from rocket-propelled works. Newton said very popular: If you ta Cheap foamposites for sale ke certain speed throws back a certain quality, you'll receive a reaction driven forward acceleration. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; three reference space rocket acceleration principle, Peak independently developed CUSHION-3 three cushioning technology and access to national patents. Using three different materials, by absorption, dispersion and bounce to form a perfect cushioning system that allows the foot bounced - start to accelerate - to move forward, go. The first time landing to absorb all the shocks, all the energy can be distributed to all parts of the cushioning system, which greatly improves the cushioning, stability shoes, while the energy inherent in the next step starts rebounded into force, so that Each floor becomes more powerful forward. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Currently, CUSHION-3 three cushioning technology through continuous upgrading, already widely used in NBA player Shane Battier, Mackey, Landry et al in the exclusive boots. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; grasp the core science and technology in order to create an international brand. In Peak CEO Zhi-Hua Xu's view, "there is no product specialization, there is no international brand can not lead to sustainable development of enterprises." At this point, the fighting spirit of the Olympic and aerospace core connotation confident, development Consistent, therefore, Pick also learned the concept of advanced space technology, product excellence, technical innovation as a necessary weapon impact leading international sports brand. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; technology-based, Pick-rich product DNA & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sustained effort to research and development, and to walk in the forefront of the industry, requires considerable brand strength and perseverance enterprise. Olympic play down. It is understood that the Olympic in Beijing, Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Los Angeles United States, already has four sports shoes R & D centers, employing a total of more than 250 R & D personnel. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; strong R & D team has spawned innovative products and services. In fact, the Olympic high-tech products, not only reflected in CUSHION-3 three cushioning technology, is also reflected in the materials used in the material. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; SEE ? ecology warm cotton to make sports equipment increased more effective comfortable, breathable, soft light, but also durable. From an environmental point of view, with respect to the cotton T-shirt will reduce carbon dioxide emissions 27 times, as opposed to synthetic materials are based on petroleum is more green harmless. This material has been fully applied to basic Olympic basketball, the trend basketball, PEAKTEAM, FIBA, outdoor series and other professional equipment. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 3D three-dimensional fabrics are also Olympic application and basketball clothes, then this fabric can accelerate the air circulation, to achieve better cooling effect, while able to increase air capacity body and clothing between, so clothes the moment Keep dry non-stick body. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the production process, Pick stamping technology uses a seamless stitching garments, stitched clothing through this technology, cutting edge does not flash, hook wire, bead will not wrinkle and off. In addition, laser punching technique, can be in any part of the completion, to achieve ventilation effect. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". In innovation and technology as the core, Peak will continue advanced aerospace technology concepts, research and development to produce more innovative, more styles of products in the global market to create consumer myth" Peak CEO Xu Zhihua said , next year will continue to increase R & D Olympic investment, study space science and technology human spirit of innovation, to provide consumers with products more fit. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at night, looking at the Temple of God eight "kissing" the across the night sky, they are also watching the blue planet, like the Olympic and China's space industry, like, close, and full of confidence. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)??????geox canada coupon Pretty dress cheap soccer shoes for men Glequins Nail Art canada coupon Pretty dress" /〉 chain wallet hot topic Keeping your pets safe during the holidays Great info Animal safety silver womens shoes size Pink and gray geox canada coupon Pretty dress Peanuts? And Vans? In 6? 1 months? "Children's Day"? That brought back to the childhood joint series, evoke childhood memories of many people, after all, and last year's toy story, the Disney works like "Disney? Peanuts" / peanuts is also accompanied through childhood several generations of works, and one of the most famous is the Snoopy Snoopy?. Vans and the "peanuts" joint? When he brought such a pair of Sk8-Hi Reissue shoes: shoes? All black color, toe heel suede, side with canvas material. Highlights focused on shoes on both sides of the iconic Sidestripe Vans?? was Snoopy's favorite bone substitute, outside can see Snoopy's lazy lying on the head, while the inside is Snoopy's buddy, golden Woodstock Woodstock. is interesting, as early as in Peanuts? X Vans? Joint before the sale, California tide shop Blends? And both bring a very rare three party joint series, which will also use Sk8-Hi Reissue Zip LX? Shoes, shoe body is still the same, but the bones are using Blends have been? Since the representative style. the joint shoes is can be seen as Peanuts? X Blends? X Vans Vault? Low version three party joint, two pairs of shoes do not know what is the "chicken and egg", but there is no doubt that this does not affect the "peanuts" this year and Vans cooperation high? Popular. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (107) share to micro-blog 4 W# r/ I (f: l& w: Z+ y; in view of the good performance of Iman Shumpert, Adidas is about to launch its Adidas Crazy 97 PE. The shoe body pale blue grey orange collocation, decoration in details, and the number 21 with the tongue sideways. 6 T, r& I* m t'(~!} + Y7 P, Y0 y}+, {(Q8 j V8; Z B4 v*, T. Q9 K. B- |#. V'R3 T; H T% D0 Q5 J7 a*! I9 K9 y (Q1 classic south coast color matching LeBron 11 " South Beach" and finally meet you. The South Coast color LBJ11 is still a mix of green and pink, but with a darker grass green, the body of the shoe has a special texture, very special. The details of pink embellishment add a lot of highlights to the overall pair of sneakers. Item: 616175-330 0 I Z6 E4 @7! |& w L7 `9 K. (A. C'T* T7 A1 _;! O" n& z& y |- "7 o% m; _3 C# `9 `1 E3. _; D Z4}& C, k%,}6 t0 R9 t' W, N J! % T (J5 D7; t) A9 V+ y% s `#; 2 O7]2 k* H4 x& Q